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Why does checking autopay charge a $4 "convenience" fee?

So through Union Bank I've never paid a "convenience" fee to have my HOA assessment debited from checking via ACH. I'm interested to know why you want $4 for the privilege.


I'm not going to pay a convenience fee to pay my HOA bill monthly, especially if it's going through ACH and there's no merchant charge to mark up and pass along.


How do I make a payment without the fees as I have been for years until Sentry switched to you for processing?




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Thank you, 

Dave for interpreting the feelings of many other victims of this change. I don't want to pay any fee either!

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It just happened to me as well.  This is  simply wrong to charge that fee is using your checking account.  It automatically charged me as well.

Service fee on eCheck is asinine. 

I wonder if all on this thread, and those reading, are aware that if you set up an AUTOPAY with no end date, there are no fees on each payment. This doesn't take away from concerns noted here about one-time and limited recurrring payment fees, but does offer at least one choice for "set and forget" payment of Association fees without any service charges. Once you set it up, you need never touch the AUTOPAY: no need to renew each year, and it auto-updates with monthly fee changes from year to year. And you can cancel it anytime you want, online. This is what we recommend to owner in our Association. T.C. Pres/Townhomes at Guilford

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The secret isn't necessarily the autopay, it's that you have to select autopay PLUS pay the full balance. If you do autopay plus a fixed amount you still get charged a convenience fee.

Note that this opens homeowners up to surprise bills if a special assessment is levied without communicating it to the community. 

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What does the monthly $3.95 convenience fee pay for? Seems like a lot of money.........

I've just experienced this today bank details and condo fee due (no longer Union Bank) and it charged me $3.95. 

My condo manager said it will only be 'one time fee' but I do not see that this is true?  This is my first time using it today January 5, 2019. 

Can someone on here (Todd?) help me understand if this is a one time fee for autopay or every month from here and on? Thanks. 

I'm disgusted we're forced into using this sole new payment processor because they remind me so much of the cable company: greedy for that sweet sweet extra fee blood money.


Want no fees? Set up autopay, and *make sure* you select the "complete" amount, not the second or third option (you can't select just the assessment fee, this charges a convenience fee to select for whatever backasswards reason)

This is not clearly noted anywhere really and I just stumbled into it playing with the options. Note that back with Union Bank this was not a fee-charging selection, nor was it as confusing as this poor man's payment portal . Revopay seems to be awrful overall. Normally I'd love not to have the payment set to anything but the actual assessment fee and not allow for possibility of getting blindsided by unannounced charges in excess, but meh. 

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I am not sure much can be done to assuage anyone's anger here, but I did contact our division manager at the Management Company and they passed on a request to the "corporate folks" to better document the "fee free" method to sign up for dynamic autopay (DAP). While the instructions for DAP are online and pretty clear, there doesn't appear to be any mention anywhere that this is the way to avoid the convenience fee. So hopefully that will be better documented in the future.

The division manager also confirmed what we already know. DAP will snag from your checking account any amounts due, be they regular assessments, general assessments, or special assessments. So, you are definitely vulnerable to the assessment whims of your Association, but there is a moral and usually a legal obligation for them to disclose the assessment to you beforehand, and this may allow you time to turn of DAP before the funds are withdrawn if you wish to contest or withhold the payment until "later".

All I can suggest here is that you contact your own Association and ask for their policy on assessments made to owner accounts, and particularly in respect to those signed up for DAP. It's something our own Board will be considering so that we don't surprise anyone in the future for any assessment that may unexpectedly draw from their checking.

Beyond that, if the convenience fee is a non-starter, and dynamic autopay is a non-starter... there is always the online Bill Pay offered by most banks today free of charge.

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