You can use the Quick Payment (also known as QuickPay) function to make a payment without logging into the system. 

To make a Quick Payment, bypass the login fields and click the Make a Quick Payment button

  1. Click the Make a Quick Payment button on your payment page

  2. Enter your Donor Number and Invoice Number and click Verify, to verify all of your credentials
  3. Input the amount you would like to pay
  4. Click Choose How you Want to Pay button to continue
  5. Select a Payment Method. You can choose to pay by Credit Card or by Echeck using your Bank Account
  6. Select the Payment Date from the calendar
  7. Once completed, click Review your Payment
  8. Review your payment details and if you would like to proceed with your payment, select Approve Payment
  9. If approved, you will receive a popup with an authorization code. You will also receive an email confirmation (to the email address you have registered) within 15 minutes of completing your payment